Jul 22 2014


fighting game tutorial: a for weak, fast attack. b for mid attack. c for powerful, slow attack. you can also combine them with directions for different attacks.

me: ok.

fighting game tutorial: v>a+b^b<[grab]v>v>a+b+c><v>^a+c

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#real pros like me smash buttons randomly while hoping that the special gets activated in just the right moment
Jul 22 2014

I dunno


Jul 22 2014

Ankama fulfills the american dream of the independent developers - Spanish interview to Ankama's fundator and CCO


In this interview in spanish to Camile Chafer (Ankama’s fundator) and Olivier Compte (Ankama’s CCO) they talk about how they grew up thanks to the community from a game with a few resources to a great company that makes series, mangas, board games and now films, not only video games. All this work with a special objective, tell stories.

This is one of the things why I love this company and what it does :)

The interview is in spanish and I hope you can all understand it with any translator. Anyway if anyone needs it, I can try to translate it to english and write it in other post ^^

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Jul 22 2014



Can I request something like “Sora, I can’t believe we were all Xehanorts all along! Everybody was a Xehanort!” in Goofy’s voice just to screw with Kingdom Hearts fans?


I honestly would not put it past the Kingdom Hearts writers to come up with a plot twist like this.

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Jul 21 2014


you always gotta keep your opponent on their toes. unless your opponent is a ballerina, that is where they are most powerful 

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